How to Choose Sunglasses That Protect Your Eyes and Vision

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Sunglasses often serve as a fashion statement or a quick fix for tired eyes. But let's dive deeper and explore that they are your trusty shield against the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays.
Dr. Andrew Iwach, clinical spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and executive director of the Glaucoma Center in San Francisco, uncovered the hidden health benefits of sunglasses and advised you in selecting the perfect pair for your eye health and protection.


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Why Sunglasses Are More Than Meets the Eye
Frequent outdoor and in-car sunglasses use can prevent issues such as macular degeneration, cataracts, eye and eyelid cancers, and photokeratitis (painful sunburn of the eyes). Wraparound sunglasses are champions in addressing dry eye and sensitivity, especially for those dealing with thyroid eye disease. Donning a hat with a brim complements your sunglasses by providing additional UV protection for your eyes and eyelids.
Dr. Iwach underscores the importance of proactive eye care: "The skin around our eyes is particularly thin and delicate, so it's much easier to prevent cancer related to sun damage around the eye than it is to treat it."
Don't limit sunglasses to summer; they are winter warriors too, safeguarding against snow blindness caused by UV rays reflecting off snow and ice. Throughout the year, whether it's sand, water, or cement, light reflection can have the same effect.


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5 Tips for Choosing Sunglasses
While sunglasses are readily available in various stores, from corner shops to high-end boutiques, you don't have to break the bank for quality eye protection. Dr. Iwach suggests, "If you have specific eye concerns or questions, consult an optical store with skilled opticians who can guide your sunglass selection."
1. UV Protection Is Essential: UV rays directly harm eye tissue and can lead to skin cancer around the eyes. Seek sunglasses labeled "100 percent UV" or "UV400" to ensure comprehensive UV protection.
2. Opt for the Right Lens Darkness: The darkness of your sunglass lenses affects comfort and eye health. Overly dark lenses may cause pupil dilation, resulting in eye strain. Very light lenses can make you squint in bright conditions. For daily use, the American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests medium-dark lenses, reserving darker ones for brighter environments.
3. Consider Lens Size: Larger lenses provide enhanced UV ray protection and guard against wind, dust, and pollen. If allergies or conditions like thyroid eye disease affect you, opt for large wraparound glasses for maximum comfort.
4. Delve into Lens Polarization: Polarized lenses reduce glare from the sun and other light sources, preventing snow blindness and eye strain from light reflecting off water or sand. While not mandatory, polarization is a boon for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities like fishing, boating, skiing, and mountaineering. Nonetheless, keep in mind that polarized lenses may not be ideal for night driving or viewing LCD screens.
5. Express Your Style with Lens Colors: Sunglass lenses come in a plethora of colors – gray, brown, red, yellow, orange, and more. Your choice of lens color can significantly alter your style. Remember, though, that lens color doesn't impact UV protection, polarization, or functionality. It's a personal preference, so experiment with different colors until you find your ideal match.



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